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Meetings we have participated in over the past year

MIT Environmental Solutions microplastics workshop, Jan 2018.

Presentation: The Science of Marine MicroPlastics: AWHOI Initiative to raise the bar through a rigorous oceanographic perspective. Scott M. Gallager, Carol Anne Clayson, Mark E. Hahn, Anna P. Michel, Hauke Kite-Powell, and Chris Reddy

Ocean Science & AGU meeting, Feb 2018

Presentation 1: Characterization of microplastics and the Biological Pump using CPICS: The Continuous Plankton Imaging and Classification Sensor. Scott M. Gallager

Presentation 2: Micro-Plastic Particle Analysis of Hudson River Surface Waters Using Novel Flow-Through Imaging and Time-Gated Raman Spectroscopy and Gut Contents of Sea Scallops from the New England Shelf. Scott M. Gallager, Wade McGillis, Shiye Zhao, Tracy Mincer and John Lipscomb.

Presentation 3: The Cross-Panamanian OceanCube Observatory System: A low Cost Platform for Comparative Biogeochemical and Microplastics Studies of Two Oceans. Scott Gallager, Lane Abrams, Steve Lerner, Hugh Popenoue, Jared Schwartz, Mike Saminsky.

Presentation 4: Plankton and Microplastic Image Classification, Storage, Visualization, and Analytics Leveraging Cloud Computing. Mike Saminsky, Steve Lerner and Scott M. Gallager.

6th International Marine Debris Conference, March, 2018

Presentation 1: Micro-Plastic Particle Analysis of Hudson River Surface Water Using Flow-Through Imaging Raman Spectroscopy. Scott M. Gallager, Wade McGillis, John Lipscomb.

Presentation 2: Microplastics studies in bloom dynamics, sea scallops and the Hudson River. Tracy Mincer and Scott M. Gallager.

Ocean Outlook Course on Microplastics held at WHOI May 2, 2018.

Presentation 1: Methods for identification of plastic polymers: theory and practice for Raman spectroscopy. Scott M. Gallager

Presentation 2: FTIR and LIBS spectroscopies in materials science. Anna Michele

WHOI Town Hall meeting to announce the Microplastics Initiative

Chaired by Scott Gallager. Panel members: Mark E. Hahn, Anna P. Michel, Hauke Kite-Powell, Jake Gebbie, and Chris Reddy (see summary under News and Events)

A discussion with members of the Americal Chemical Society on microplastic research at WHOI.

Scott M. Gallager

A SIP of Science: A discussion on microplastic research at WHOI with members of the Board of Trustees.

Scott M. Gallager

The WHOI Microplastics Catalyst Initiative

Presentation to the WHOI Trustees and Members of the Board. Scott M. Gallager